Addiction Rehab Services that Fit Your Work Schedule

Our Treatment Will Accommodate and Reinvigorate Your Professional Career

Outpatient addiction treatment is not only beneficial when the facility is located near your home, but it becomes a perfect fit when it accommodates your work schedule as well.

Let’s face it: It costs money to go to rehab, and if you can’t work during your time in treatment, it’s often a setback of thousands of dollars, even if your insurance provider covers a portion of your recovery program.

This is why Summit Outpatient is ready to offer you outstanding rehab services on a basis that works around your professional commitments. Whether you recently finished residential treatment or you’re coming directly to our outpatient program, we’re here when your schedule permits to help you continue down your path to recovery, with services available well into the evenings and on weekends.

Summit Outpatient will design a customized program for you that will identify the best treatment methods to help you abstain from harmful substances while also carefully taking your work schedule into account. Clients of Summit Outpatient have reported that our services not only help them stay clean and sober, but that our treatment helps boost their productivity on the job as well.

Several Rehab Program Options for the Working Professional

Four Outpatient Locations and Counting in NJ and PA

The Summit Behavioral Health network continues to grow in the Northeastern U.S. We currently boast four modern, high-class outpatient facilities in the following cities and townships:

  • West Windsor, New Jersey
  • Florham Park, New Jersey
  • Union, New Jersey
  • Doylestown, Pennsylvania

In addition to treating all forms of drug and alcohol addiction, our seasoned staff is also qualified to treat many co-occurring disorders, such as depression, anxiety disorders and personality disorders. Conditions such as these are increasingly common in drug and alcohol addiction cases, so it’s imperative to address them as part of a well-rounded treatment program.

In order to properly treat addiction, we offer various types of counseling for clients who are attending rehab after work. Counseling formats include one-on-one, family and couples therapy. Twelve-step meetings and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) are also offered at each of our outpatient locations.

Additionally, clients come to us after work for to learn more about the science of addiction along with some life skills to help keep the effects of the disease at bay. This is where our medical education and stress management courses come into play.

As mentioned previously, Summit Outpatient’s treatment is always tailored to the individual, so the activities one client is directed to participate in may be fairly different than what the next client takes. To round out our outpatient addiction treatment model, holistic activities such as acupuncture, hypnotherapy and reiki massages are also options at all of our facilities.

To learn more about Summit Outpatient’s rehab for working professionals accommodations and services, get in touch with our friendly staff by calling the number below or clicking on “Contact Us.”