Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about addiction or treatment in our outpatient facilities? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers. If you have additional questions after reading the below, then please feel free to contact us now – an expert can help you with any questions or concerns you have.Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment

What is the Duration of the Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment Programs?

Although all of our programs are customizable, most of our outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs last for 12 weeks. Within that 12 weeks, you will be involved in 3 hour counseling sessions, 3 days per week. You will also participate in group counseling and education for you and your family.

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Does Your Facility Offer Detox?

Our outpatient facility does not offer detox services, however we do have a separate Summit Detox Treatment center.

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Individuals cannot be under the influence of drugs or alcohol when attending our intensive drug outpatient treatment. To ensure that each individual is free of drugs and alcohol, each person will receive a required medical screening.

What’s the Difference Between An Outpatient Treatment Center and Residential Treatment Center?

The benefits of an outpatient treatment center is that you have the opportunity to return each day to your daily obligations outside of treatment. This would include work, school, family, etc. Some people don’t have the option to put their life on hold to attend a program at a residential facility. That’s why we offer flexible schedules in our outpatient program to help you recover while continuing to keep your other responsibilities.

Residential treatment requires committing to living in a facility for a period of time until individuals are stable enough to return to their outside life again. This includes going through a detox process as well as attending inpatient drug or alcohol treatment for 30-90 days.

What’s the Next Step After I Finish the Outpatient Treatment Program?

At Summit IOP, we believe in long-term care for continued success. Therefore, we provide a Relapse Prevention Program (RPP) for all IOP graduates. It is strongly recommended that each individual attend this program in order to continue the journey to a healthier life, drug and alcohol free. This program provides individual and group therapy for you and your family, as well as ongoing support to prevent a relapse from occurring.

Does Your Facility Accept Insurance?

Yes, we accept private insurance and self-pay. Please call to learn more.

What Makes Your Treatment Facility Different?

At Summit, we believe that no addiction occurs for the same reasons. Every person has underlying causes that lead them to substance abuse and addiction. Before we begin we provide a comprehensive evaluation where we determine what those underlying causes are. Then, we provide an individualized treatment plan that is tailored to you and your specific mental, health and addiction issues. Throughout this process we provide resources to educate you about your addiction, as well as ongoing support for you and your family that helps ensure successful, long term recovery.