Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Centers

In New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Alcohol is the most abused drug in the United States. The consequences of alcohol addiction can be severe, affecting our local communities and our nation as a whole. Most importantly, alcohol addiction has severe effects on individuals and families. Because of the severity of alcohol addiction, it is important that an experienced professional is utilized to overcome the addiction. Summit IOP has been a leader in providing intensive outpatient alcohol treatment in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Intensive Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Versus Inpatient Treatment

Alcohol Rehab in NJ and PAWhat is the Difference & Which is Right for You?

Alcohol addiction affects different people in different ways, so there are different types of treatment centers. There are intensive alcohol outpatient treatment programs (IOP) and there are inpatient/residential programs.

An IOP is designed to allow a person to rebuild their life while still living at home. Beginning with day one, individuals begin to build a support system with others in alcohol recovery and in their community. Those who attend intensive outpatient alcohol treatment must also be fully detoxed have the ability to manage medications on their own, or contain the family support to help manage medication and cravings.

In other cases where addiction has a greater hold on the individual, inpatient/residential programs are recommended. An inpatient program allows a person to have medically-supervised rehabilitation, and typically requires a person to check-in for a longer period of time. If you believe that an inpatient/residential program is right for you, Summit offers a partial hospitalization program where individuals will be supervised more heavily during this difficult time.

Our Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Focuses on Long-Term Recovery

For You & Your Loved Ones

As part of our outpatient alcohol rehab program, we help those overcoming addiction by educating them on the many important aspects of their alcohol addiction and recovery. Our alcohol rehab will help individuals learn the following:

  • How to manage and overcome alcohol cravings
  • Stages of alcohol addiction and recovery
  • Skills for preventing relapse
  • Effects of addiction on brain chemistry
  • Build a strong support system
  • Manage Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS)
  • Make necessary behavioral modifications to reduce cravings
  • And more

We’re here to help individuals find a solution for their alcohol addiction. Recovery is an on-going effort to stop cravings and prevent relapse. Our outpatient alcohol rehab will help those suffering find solutions to their cravings and begin a journey to long-term recovery.