Intensive Outpatient Plans for Drugs, Alcohol, and Mental Health

Powerful Treatment Tools with Flexibility

For anyone suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol, getting professional help can be the first step toward healing. In addiction treatment centers, individuals can experience the camaraderie of recovering alongside others who are on the same journey. At Summit Outpatient, our skilled professionals can help you or your loved one reclaim life through a customized program. Our adult intensive outpatient centers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania help individuals who are new on the path to healing and recovery.

Our Approach to Adult Addiction Treatment

Comprehensive Recovery Program for the Body and Mind

Each person who enters our program has unique needs and struggles. After our initial assessment, you will receive a customized plan from one of our drug and alcohol counselors. Our client-centered approach to addiction treatment focuses on holistic healing. For clients suffering from addiction, recovery comes not only through stopping the alcohol and drug abuse, but also through understanding the root of the abuse.

Adults who suffer from addiction to drugs or alcohol often have many outside responsibilities, such as family obligations, work expectations and financial burdens. Our intensive outpatient program is designed to help adults reclaim their lives through balance and compassion. In many instances, those in recovery are able to continue their sobriety through support and encouragement from family and friends. In order for this positive support to happen, those close to the individual in recovery need to heal as well. For this reason, we offer family counseling so the entire family can move forward together.

Benefits of an Intensive Outpatient Program

Personalized Plans for Individual Needs

Drug and alcohol outpatient programs are ideal for those who would benefit from daily structure and tools to help them manage their outside lives. Intensive outpatient programs enable adults to glean valuable information in a positive setting while allowing them to return home each day. For anyone with family or work obligations, the Summit Outpatient program can be the perfect fit.

Our adult programs include the following services in our treatment centers:

• Custom Treatment Plans with Flexible Schedules
• Dedicated Therapist Counseling
• Ongoing Education Programs
• Stress Management Programs
• Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs
• Twelve-Week Intensive Treatment Program with Family, Individual, and Group Counseling
• Individual and Group Therapies
• Holistic Therapies

We recognize that everyone coming to our facility has their own unique story and struggles. Our goal is to provide a program that can be tailored to each individual so that their recovery is a successful journey. Our comprehensive program allows adults to have their treatment plan customized in a way that best suits their individual recovery.

Get Started on the Road to Recovery with Summit Outpatient

Forging Your Path to Successful Living

We have four established intensive outpatient centers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Summit Outpatient centers are fully equipped and designed for a relaxed and welcoming rehab experience. Our qualified staff is available to answer any questions you have about our programs, and we invite you to take control of your life today.