Addiction Treatment For Teens

Alcohol And Drug Addiction Recovery

Once addiction takes hold of an individual, it can be almost impossible to break away from. The risks are especially high for a teen, who is still developing the habits, thought patterns, and actions that will shape the rest of their lives. When a teen becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, it is necessary to get support from qualified professionals at drug treatment centers for teens. At Summit Outpatient, we expertly help teens reclaim their lives through individualized treatment plans that focus on the whole person. Our alcohol and drug treatment for teens is tailored to their unique needs and experiences.

Our Approach To Teen Addiction

Customized Treatment For Your Teen

As one of the premier addiction treatment centers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Summit Outpatient has an excellent reputation for providing quality care. We use a client-centered approach that goes above and beyond cookie cutter methods. Teens have unique needs specific to their age group, so we provide services that are focused on treating them. We treat teens based on both the severity and type of addiction.

Teens who struggle with addiction often require a teen treatment center that delivers extra compassion and empathy, because their alcohol and drug dependency is intertwined with natural physical, emotional, mental and chemical changes that they experience on a daily basis. For teen addiction treatment, Summit Outpatient provides services through caring and qualified staff who meet teens at a level that is appropriate for their experiences.

Drug Treatment For Teens & Families

Helping The Entire Family Heal

When just one person suffers from drug and alcohol addiction, often the whole family suffers as well. This can include financial setbacks, breakdowns of trust, codependency and anger. While it is important to help your teen regain his or her life, it is just as important for the entire family to receive care and support during the recovery process. We provide family education, individual family therapy sessions and support groups for parents. In our teen addiction treatment centers, we can help your family heal and learn new ways to interact with each other that will be beneficial for everyone involved.

Other Teen Addiction Programs We Offer

Education, Intervention, & Prevention

We offer a variety of programs and services in our treatment centers for teens, including:

  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Intervention
  • Anger Management Programs
  • Medication Assisted Treatment
  • DUI Treatment
  • Individual and Group Therapies

We provide one of the best intensive outpatient treatment centers for teens in the area, as well as education and extended evaluation, and adolescent early intervention and prevention.

The Road To Recovery Starts With Summit Outpatient

The Right Help At The Right Time

As one of the premier teen addiction treatment centers New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Summit Outpatient is here to help your loved one begin the road to recovery. When choosing between a variety of treatment centers for teens, look for one with compassion and understanding that is tailored specifically to aiding teens. Our outpatient teen treatment centers are structured to help this age group, which makes our treatment centers for teens in NJ and PA the perfect choice for your unique child.